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Equipment & Systems Assembly, Installation, Calibration & Testing

Everything we design is assembled and tested in the fluid power fabrication shop at our Montréal facility. Since we do all of the power unit assemblies ourselves, this puts us in the proper position to test designs here on sight so that there is proper communication of design intent from engineering versus the build requirements from our technicians on the shop floor, which wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of our highly skilled technical staff and engineers.



Leave it To The Pros

Once built, inspected, calibrated and tested we are more than capable of going on site to assist in installation of the custom built and engineered fluid power system. This can include start-up and testing post installation for system calibration issues and optimization. If needed we can bring our own hose cutting and crimping tools to build hoses to length on site for greater ease of installation. We also design and build control panels and can ensure that once the licensed industrial electrician has wired it up the system works as planned.