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Hydraulic Reservoirs

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Pneutech-Rousseau Reservoirs
Pneutech-Rousseau Reservoir

Custom Designed & Built To Customer Specifications

We are accustomed to designing and fabricating reservoirs to measure for your particular needs. This includes assemblies with specialized drip trays, component configurations, tank heights and dimensions, metering, backup filtration, alternate external drains or even tandem pump units. We can design the reservoir with a power unit or to accommodate an existing power unit externally.

Easy Portability Incorporated Into Design

Mounting structures for loading or hauling the reservoirs with gantries or forklifts can easily be incorporated in to the design. We can also design the reservoirs to accommodate for a wide range of fluids depending on the need: ISO 32, ATF, mineral oil, water-glycol...etc. Typical reservoir bodies are powder coated and painted with an Interlac 665 Alkyd Finish.

Pneutech-Rousseau Reservoirs
Pneutech-Rousseau Reservoir Mounting Structure