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Custom Manifolds
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Manifolds For Every Pressure Range

We typically design, machine, assemble and test all of our own manifold blocks at the Montreal district branch for custom cartridge valve assemblies. This allows for a large variety of directional control valves, needle valves, pressure sensors, flow sensors and relief valves to be organized and assembled together efficiently on to one manifold. Often several manifolds may be used for complex operations with a specific block for every pressure range, which is also typically more cost efficient.

Wide Range of Manifold Blocks To Choose From

We have a range of existing manifold block types that we can build or even develop something more specific to optimize system performance. Our technicians are highly experienced in machining manifold blocks to specification. Meticulous care and effort is put in to the configuration of the manifold blocks to best accommodate specific control needs and performance requirements. They can be tailor built to handle a wide range of operating pressures and port sizes. Just contact engineering and we’ll walk you through it.

Custom Manifolds
Pneutech-Rousseau Precision Machined Manifold Blocks