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Company Overview

Who We Are

With over thirty years of experience in the fluid power industry, Pneutech-Rousseau is a leading distributor of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic components for all automation and motion control applications. We're in the business of providing solutions catered specifically to client needs stemming from all industrial sectors for both heavy and mobile applications for mining, forestry, construction, ore refining, foundries, sawmills, fabrication shops…etc.

What We Do

Our job involves assisting our client base in all matters involving fluid power systems. As official distributors of a wide variety of fluid power products, we can assist you in component selection (pumps, motors, valves, actuating cylinders, hoses, fittings, manifolds...etc.) or specific machine design issues (gearboxes, coupling, mounting requirements, system optimization & upgrading) as well as custom built power units, reservoirs and control panels. The objective is always to strive for the best fit in any given situation.

Why Pneutech-Rousseau

We are not here merely as an ends to a means. The goal is to strive to create value for our clients by leveraging technology, knowledge and the skill of its employees with a strong understanding of customer needs. The idea is to develop a lasting relationship with our customers as essentially in a way become industry partners as often complimentary services and products help engender positive business growth for both parties, which is becoming a growing trend…


  • PRI Products

    For all Your Hydraulic & Pneumatic Needs

    Looking for replacement parts, custom components, electrical motors, or perhaps an entire hydraulic power unit? Start your search here.

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  • PRI Systems design

    Expert Systems Design & Engineering

    Pneutech-Rousseau's engineering team can assist in designing a hydraulic or pneumatic system for your custom application.

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  • PRI Manufacturing

    Precision Manufacturing

    In addition to custom systems design, PRI also manufacturers a line of high quality hydraulic power units and manifolds.

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  • PRI Training

    Optimize System Performance

    As part of our commitment to service excellence, PRI offers customer training to ensure optimum system performance and maximum user safety.

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